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epicondyle - a projection on a bone previously mentioned a condyle serving with the attachment of muscles and ligaments

The process from the sphenoid bone extending downward from your junction of the body and terrific wing. It consists of the lateral and medial pterygoid plates, which are fused at the top. The top of the pterygoid process is pierced because of the pterygoid canal.

We’ve labored tough to make a flexible shell out-in/pay back-out platform. Corporations can select how they intend to make payments and recipients can decide how they would like to acquire their funds.

We are All set to deliver innovative payment technological innovation that will allow you to transact organization, how and whenever you need to have it.

cirrus - a slender versatile animal appendage as on barnacles or crinoids or quite a few insects; frequently tactile

acrosome - a process at the anterior stop of a sperm cell that generates enzymes to aid penetration of your egg

process - conduct mathematical and logical functions on (data) As outlined by programmed Directions in order to acquire the essential information; "The outcome with the elections were even now staying processed when he gave his acceptance speech"

stroll - use just one's feet to advance; progress by steps; "Walk, Will not operate!"; "We walked rather than driving"; "She walks by using a slight limp"; "The affected individual can't stroll nonetheless"; "Walk above to The cupboard"

A small process within the exceptional border of the inferior concha that articulates While using the uncinate process with the ethmoid.

calcaneal process of cuboid bones a process projecting posteriorly through the inferomedial angle in the cuboid bone that supports the anterior calcaneus.

Bear in mind the process and you will transfer ahead, but get quite a while to figure out what precisely it really is that you'll be carrying out.

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4 : a prominent or projecting Component of an organism or organic composition a bone process a nerve cell process

process - issue to your process or cure, with the aim of readying for some function, improving upon, or remedying a affliction; "process cheese"; "process hair"; "deal with the h2o so it can be drunk"; "deal with the garden with chemicals" ; "deal with an oil spill"

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